Tania Malyarchuk

Photo by Taras Khimchak

Tania Malyarchuk (b. 1983) is one of Ukraine’s most talented young prose writers. Her first novel, Adolpho’s Endspiel, or a Rose for Liza, appeared in 2004. Her later collections of shorter prose works include From Above Looking Down: A Book of Fears (2006), How I Became a Saint (2006), To Speak (2007), Bestiary of Words (2009), and Divine Comedy (2009). She is currently a writer-in-residence in Vienna, Austria.

  • Ukrainian writer Tanya Malyarchuk’s work fuses Chekhov-like psychological portraits of characters with magical realism. Many of her most fascinating narratives focus on her life growing up amid the mysterious Carpathian Mountains. Tania Malyarchuk. Photo by Taras Khimchak. My throat hurts. I can’t speak much. And to be honest, I don’t have anything to say. I think a lot, but fo...