Brian Doyle

Photo by Jerry Hart

Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine. He is the author of many books of essays and fiction, notably the sprawling Oregon novel Mink River and the headlong sea novel The Plover. His latest essay collection, Children and Other Wild Animals, was published in 2014 by Oregon State University Press. 

  • Boy getting his hair cut. Photo by Sofía Boriosi.
    Brian Doyle
    Photo by Sofía Boriosi. There were four of us boys who needed crew cuts so our dad stuffed us into the station wagon to go get crew cuts. Our brother Seamus died when he was a baby so he does not nee...
  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle
    "Doyle's great gift, I feel is that he charts for us one small corner of the world and, in doing so, reveals that it is no more out-of-the-way than anywhere else, really, once you give it a liste...

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