New Translations in August

August 16, 2016

Noemi Jaffe

What Are the Blind Men Dreaming?What Are the Blind Men Dreaming?

Trans. Julia Sanches & Ellen Elias-Bursac

Deep Vellum

Reflecting the horrors and historical significance of the Holocaust, three generations of women have birthed a unique perspective based on their personal reflections. From a mother’s personal diary to a granddaughter’s understanding as a survivor’s descendent, this novel from Brazil illustrates a spherical perspective of history and family.


I'll Sell You a DogJuan Pablo Villalobos

I’ll Sell You a Dog

Trans. Rosalind Harvey

And Other Stories

Famous for Mexico City’s “Gringo Dog” taco, the old man at the center of Villalobos’s I’ll Sell You a Dog was once living the high life as an aspiring artist. Years later, he traded his fame and self-confidence for self-pity, finding entertainment among his community of retirement home residents.


BlitzDavid Trueba


Trans. John Cullen

Other Press Publishing 

Following a young architect’s journey to Munich, Blitz embodies a significant truth about love that people habitually disregard: a broken heart dismantles life. As a romantic tragicomedy, Blitz serves as a tale for lost souls of lovers while humorously critiquing male narcissism.


How to Travel Without SeeingAndrés Neuman

How to Travel Without Seeing: Dispatches from the New Latin America

Trans. Jeffery Lawrence

Restless Books

According to Neuman, the understanding of world travel is composed mostly of what is “not seen” rather than what is experienced. Moving from place to place, Neuman writes as he investigates the cultural beauty of his personal travels. From one of the Spanish-speaking world’s most outstanding writers, How to Travel Without Seeing offers a kaleidoscopic view of Neuman’s tour of Latin America.


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