2012 Salon du Livre (Paris Book Fair)

August 1, 2012
Illustrator François Place at the Salon du LivreLa scène des auteurs conference stage hosting various discussion panelsThe “Libération” journal booth. Libération is one of the major French newspapers.Children’s and young adult’s books illustration exhibit hosted by France TélévisionCNL (National Book Center) conference arenaActors dressed as Hugo Pratt’s famous graphic novel characters, Corto Maltese.Children’s book reading in the Japan boothManga Booth: Bookseller dressed as Snow White to promote the manga series based on Disney charactersA WLT intern on a mission at the Salon du Livre 2012Authors’ panel featuring Enki Bilal, Pascal Bruckner, historian Romain Huret and the Japanese author Hideo FurukawaSenegalese author Khadi Hane and Algerian author Yahia BelaskriPierre Bordage, science fiction author in Diable Vauvert boothBrigtte Smadja, children's and young adult author in the Ecole des loisirs boothSusie Morgenstern, children and young adult author in the Nathan booth. She said she was wearing flowers on her head because it was her birthday.Reporters and journalists gathering around presidential candidate François HollandeNaruto’s sketches exhibitThe noted French writer, Daniel Pennac, winner of the prix Renaudot 2007 at the Gallimard boothAlexis Jenni, winner of the prix Goncourt 2011 at the Gallimard boothThe French comedian and talented imitator Nicolas CanteloupExhibit on rethinking libraries’ architecture. "Le livre dans la Cité"


During the 2012 Salon du Livre (Book Fair) in Paris, WLT intern Marina Ruiz made her way through the many booths, panel discussions, book signings, and authors. The photo gallery above features captions detailing the many sights at the 2012 Salon du Livre, and below is a collection of Ruiz's illustrations to document her very entertaining experience traveling to and through the extraordinary book fair this spring.

Marina Ruiz Salon du Livre illustration
Marina Ruiz Salon du Livre illustration
Marina Ruiz Salon du Livre illustration

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