Aicha Bassry

Photo by Antonio Reyes

Aicha Bassry was born in Ben Ahmad, Morocco in 1969. Her publications include massā’āt (2000; Evenings); araqu al-malā’ikah (2003; Angels’ insomnia); laylah sari`atu al `atab (2007; A fragile night); and khulwatu al tayr (2010; The bird’s seclusion), from which the present extracts are taken. Her poems have also been translated into Spanish, French, Turkish, and Italian.

  •    May 2012
      On the Edges of Autumn I shall close death’s doors.I am the autumn’s last flower.Edith Södergran   My body is like algaeExhausted by the night’s diving.Gather me up in your bluenessThat I might float on the surface of your sleep –A purple dream.Perhaps,Perhaps a plant shall bloomOn the edges of autumn.   Nothing . . .  On the outskirts of autumn,I...