February 27, 2015 | Laura Hernandez

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A historian unearthed new work from Sherlock Holmes found in his attic. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the short story as a fundraiser to help save a town bridge.

The U.S. Postal Service will honor Maya Angelou with a forever stamp in the near future.

Four authors were asked, “What is “Asian American literature?” in a roundtable discussion centered on their work and influence.

A blog muses that the rise of technology might be helpful for Hindi authors and readers because it provides easier access to their literature.

 The New Y...

February 25, 2015 | WLT

The hashtag #IReadWLT written on a sheet of paper with the magazine in the background

From February 25 to March 10, we are inviting readers to tell us what they like most about WLT. In 25 words or less, tweet us some love with the hashtag #IReadWLT or post your reply on Facebook. We’ll aggregate our favorites and publish them in the next issue. Even better, send us a photo of yourself reading the print or digital edition of the March issue in your favorite spot. Take one of our favorite snapshots, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free one-year subscription for yourself or a friend.


Highlights from the 2014 Readership Survey

This hashtag series is inspired by the feedback we recently received in our readership surveys. Take a look at what some of our respondents said, and then join us in sharing more about wh...

February 24, 2015 | Chelsea Greer

Rosenburg A Brief StopA Brief Stop: On the Road From Auschwitz by Göran Rosenberg

Translated by Sarah Death. Other Press.

After enduring the ghetto of Lodz, the camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and many other trials of World War II, a young man must learn how to live after becoming a survivor. This gripping and deeply emotional memoir presents a look into the life of the author’s father, a Holocaust survivor, and the relationship between them.



February 20, 2015 | Laura Hernandez

News, Reviews, and Interviews

Turns out Harper Lee isn't the only one with unpublished manuscripts. Three more works by Dr. Seuss were recently discovered. Dr. Seuss’s What Pet Should I Get will come out in July.

United States poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Philip Levine died last week at the age of 76. His career spanned six decades, and his poetry often featured working-class and urban settings.

Princeton received its largest gift ever: a generous collection of $300 million worth of rare books, which includes the first six printed editions of the Bible and first editions of...

February 17, 2015 | Eric M. B. Becker

Mia Couto. Photo by Shevaun Williams
Mia Couto photographed by Shevaun Williams, October 2014.

The Mia Couto short-story collection I’m currently translating, entitled Estórias Abensonhadas (working title: Selected Stories), was published shortly after the end of Mozambique’s sixteen-year civil war, which began in 1976. As the book opens, the author notes, “After the war, I thought, there remained only ashes. . . . Everything full of weight, definitive and without repair.” These stories, Couto has said, represent the seed that remained protected in a place the violence could not reach, the place where “every man is the same: pretending he’s here, dreaming of going away, and plotting his return.” The collection’s ensuing stories grapple with a legacy of colonialism and civil war at the same time they seek to express the vibrant multiculturalism of Mozambique.

As I wri...