World Literature Today devotes the cover feature of its summer issue to Notes from the Cataclysm, reckonings with the global Covid-19 pandemic by six writers from Cuba, Greece, Kurdistan, and the US.

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August 10, 2020
A photo of Richard van Leeuwen juxtaposed with the cover to his book HdO
Alex Crayon interviews Richard van Leeuwen, a senior lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Amsterdam and author of The Thousand and One Nights and Twentieth-Century Fiction: Intertextual Readings, which was rec...
August 5, 2020
A close up photograph of the texture of a teal cloth
“However, / the earth is the snake that will // consume me like an egg. / I’ll live longer than the silence a corpse / leaves behind,” from “There Is No Scar, Only Absence,” by Saddiq Dzukogi
Kwame Dawes

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