World Literature Today devotes the cover feature of its summer issue to Notes from the Cataclysm, reckonings with the global Covid-19 pandemic by six writers from Cuba, Greece, Kurdistan, and the US.

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July 8, 2020
A brown wall with faded spots where pieces of paper where once affixed but have now been removed. A small pile of books and notebooks sits on a table just to the left of the frame
“It’s odd, I don’t know if I had children once—I cannot and must not remember. She shook me by the shoulders and begged me to ignore the law, to rise up and revolt, to remember.” from “Prohibitions,” by Pía Barros, transl...
July 8, 2020
A painting of two tall cliffs, rendered in yellow
“I have come to learn / always at the edge of something / that poetry is not sacred / the sacred is sacred // but the words may lead us there / if only for a moment / asking of us something more than speech.” from “Seeing,” by Mat...
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