First annual city issue devoted to Hong Kong, plus work by Ladan Osman, Rohingya and Tibetan writers, as well as Chinese and Rohingya poetry

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May 21, 2019
A black and white photo of a small boat tied to a dock at the edge of a wooded pond
Jordi Alonso reviews Hélène Cardona's translation of José Manuel Cardona’s verse collection Birnam Wood / El Bosque de Birnam.
May 16, 2019
A picture of a secluded ancient city street where a tree loaded with red blooms sprouts from beside a stone building creating shade for those walking the street
An early novel, L’Écrivain public (The public scribe) is a surrealistic, semi-autobiographical work that imagines the arc of the author’s life from infancy and youth to old age. The poetic and enigmatic eighth chapter chr...

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