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The March to 100

WLT receives its base funding from the University of Oklahoma, but with fluctuating state economies and budgets, that support is often imperiled and can never be guaranteed. The March to 100 is a campaign to create an endowment of $4 million by WLT’s 100th year of publication (2027). This endowment will ensure that WLT’s important work will continue for many years uninterrupted.

Join the March!

WLT is seeking support from those who care about world culture and international understanding. The endowment will support WLT’s future publication, increased honoraria for its contributors, and the continuation of its humanities center projects—student scholarships, internships, publishing courses, career development, and other programs that serve students and writers in the U.S. and beyond.

For information about the March to 100, contact Dr. R.C. Davis-Undiano: [email protected], 405/325-4531, WLT / 630 Parrington Oval, Suite 110 / Norman OK 73019. 

Your tax-deductible donation will be administered by the University of Oklahoma Foundation, an independent not-for-profit corporation that encourages and supports charitable giving for the benefit of the University of Oklahoma. The Foundation acts as the principal organization through which your gift will be invested for the benefit of World Literature Today.

It’s easy to donate via the secure link above or by check. Please make the latter payable to the University of Oklahoma Foundation with a designation for WLT on the check memo line or in a note. Send to the OU Foundation at PO Box 258856 / Oklahoma City OK 73125-8856.

World Literature Today—Not Only a Magazine but a Cause

For almost 100 years, the magazine World Literature Today at the University of Oklahoma has brought news of world literature and culture to readers in many parts of the world. Starting in 1927 as a free pamphlet through to its present form as a leading publication with many publishing awards and one million readers a year, WLT is fulfilling Goethe’s great goal for international magazines to help nations around the globe to “grow aware of one another” to strengthen world understanding and cooperation.

The Great Legacy

The WLT legacy is without equal. WLT’s Neustadt laureates, Puterbaugh fellows, and published writers are widely known as the future winners of the Nobel, Man Booker, MacArthur, and other prestigious international prizes. Its coverage of emerging literatures and cultures is often the sole source of information about important world trends and writers. Especially critical is its promotion of younger writers who go on to significantly impact world culture such as Alberto Chimal, Aminatta Forna, Maaza Mengiste, Ladan Osman, Mikeas Sánchez, and David Shook. As Nobel Prize winner Czesław Miłosz once noted, “If WLT were not in existence, we would have to invent it.”

What Others Say about WLT

“The absolute best international literature and culture magazine out there.”—E. Ce Miller, Bustle, December 2016

“[WLT] is absolutely the most welcome reading I’ve found in years. I can’t believe I tried to live my life, pretending knowledge and posing intelligently, without these volumes.”—Maya Angelou, Pacific Palisades, California, May 22, 1979

“An excellent source of writings from around the globe by authors who write as if their lives depend on it.”—Chris Dodge, Utne Reader, January 2005

“No other journal begins to do what WLT does routinely. . . . Extraordinary.”—Joyce Carol Oates

“The only publication of its kind, keeping faith with the all-important task: the promotion of international understanding.”—Thomas Mann, Books Abroad, Winter 1952

WLT is probably the most essential journal of its kind in the world, fostering global understanding, peace, and justice through literary conversation. It brings environment and culture together in a healing and a conversation.”—John Kinsella, Cambridge University, March 2019

“I honestly think WLT is one of the most diverse and intelligent literary publications in the world. The magazine is amazing at finding new writers and poets from all over the world, absolutely true to its name.”—Dinah Assouline Stillman, Norman, Oklahoma, May 2015

 “WLT is absolutely wonderful. It is like Christmas six times a year. . . . Since I can’t get ‘out and about’ in the world as I would like, please accept my subscription renewal because WLT brings the world to me.”—Jaye Jenkins, Burlington, Ontario, April 2014

 “One of the best edited and most informative literary publications that I know.”—Lars Gyllensten, Swedish Academy (Nobel Prize Committee)