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  • Amy Olen is assistant professor of translation and interpreting studies at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Her research interests include Latin American literature, literary translation, and interpreting studies. She is a contributing translator for the journal Latin American Literature Today and translator of the bilingual edition Luisa Capetillo: escalando la tribuna (Editora Educación Emergente, 2022).

  • Photo by Ilana Horwitz

    Shoshana Olidort is a writer, translator, and critic. She earned her PhD in comparative literature from Stanford University and is an editor at the Poetry Foundation. Her work has appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, Paris Review Daily, LARB, and Jewish Currents, among other publications. She lives in Los Angeles.

  • Calvin Olsen is a poet and translator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His translation of João Luís Barreto Guimarães’s Mediterranean won the Willow Run Poetry Book Award and is forthcoming from Hidden River Arts.

  • Kristine Ong Muslim is the author of nine books of fiction and poetry. She is also an anthologist and translator of Filipino authors Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles, Rogelio Braga, and Marlon Hacla.

  • Oded Even Or is a writer and translator born in Tel Aviv. He graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 2019 and now lives in Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a PhD in comparative literature at Penn.

  • Katalin Orbán is a scholar and translator who writes about graphic narratives, cultural memory, and changing modes of reading. Her works have appeared in Critical Inquiry, Representations, and other journals. 

  • Eugene Ostashevsky is the author, most recently, of The Feeling Sonnets (2022). As a translator of experimental literature in Russian, he has worked on futurism, the OBERIU group, and contemporary poetry, as well as Lucky Breaks, by Yevgenia Belorusets (2022).

  • Toti O’Brien is the Italian Accordionist with the Irish Last Name. She was born in Rome, then moved to Los Angeles, where she makes a living as a self-employed artist, performing musician, and professional dancer. Her work has most recently appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Lit Pub, The Moth, and Wilderness House.