Dipika Mukherjee

Dipika Mukherjee’s work, focusing on the politics of modern Asian societies, includes the novels Ode to Broken Things (longlisted for the Man Asia Literary Prize) and Shambala Junction (which won the UK Virginia Prize for Fiction). She has been mentoring Southeast Asian writers for over two decades and has edited five anthologies of Southeast Asian fiction. She is a contributing editor for Jaggery and serves as core faculty at StoryStudio Chicago and teaches at the Graham School at University of Chicago.

  • A man in the foreground walks toward Humayun's Tomb, partially shrouded in fog, in New Delhi
    January 6, 2020 | Hussain Haidry
    Humayun's Tomb in New Delhi. Photo by VED on Unsplash On an evening stroll down my street, the azan echoes, stops my feet, reminds me it is time to pray, but I start musing on that day: Bha...

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