Bibiana Camacho


Bibiana Camacho (b. Mexico City, 1974) is a former ballerina, editor, translator, and bookbinder. Her novels are Tras las huellas de mi olvido (2010) and Lobo (2017); her collections of short stories are Tu ropa en mi armario (2010) and La sonámbula (2014). In 2007 she received an honorable mention in the Juan Rulfo First Novel Prize for Tras las huellas de mi olvido. Her grandmother always seemed to her a great literary figure, so she writes using her name.

  • Bibiana Camacho
    Photo:  Omid Armin / Unsplash A stalled train and shifting visage make for an eerie commute. I could’ve stayed in bed a little longer, but what for? Surely that would only make things worse.…