Dipika Mukherjee


Dipika Mukherjee’s work, focusing on the politics of modern Asian societies, includes the novels Shambala Junction (which won the UK Virginia Prize for Fiction) and Ode to Broken Things (longlisted for the Man Asia Literary Prize as Thunder Demons). She has edited five anthologies of Southeast Asian fiction, serves on the core faculty at StoryStudio Chicago, and is an affiliate of the Buffet Institute for Global Affairs at Northwestern University.

  • A long exposure photograph of the moon in eclipse
    Dipika Mukherjee
    Photo: Zoltan Tasi / Unsplash A mother’s conflict with her daughter causes her to reflect on Khawnaa, a mathematician-astrologer and light of the Bengali medieval court.  When my daughter...
  • Books from What to Read Now: Malaysia
    Dipika Mukherjee
    The appetite for Malaysian fiction in the English-speaking world seems fixated on family sagas set in the Japanese Occupation of Malaya—stories largely irrelevant to the current sociopolitical challen...
  • Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia
    Dipika Mukherjee
    In this story written in response to current events in Malaysia, a writer confronts the doppelgänger intended to silence her political speech. The Petronas Towers in Malaysia. P...
  • Dipika Mukherjee
    Dipika Mukherjee
    Dipika Mukherjee. Photo by Bobo Lin, Shanghai. Dipika Mukherjee wrote the following poem in response to the August 5, 2012, Sikh gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin.     My name is Simr...

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