Eduard Màrquez

Eduard Màrquez published two books of poetry in Spanish before writing Zugzwang (1995), his first work in Catalan and the source of the fiction that appears above. Other excerpts from Zugzwang have appeared in such magazines as Bomb, The Brooklyn Rail, and Chicago Review. He has continued writing in Catalan, publishing another collection of short fiction, twelve children’s books, and four novels. His 2006 novel, La decisió de Brandes (Brandes’s decision), won several Catalan prizes, including the Premi de la Critica. 

  • Eduard Màrquez
    Photo by Fernando Rodríguez/Flickr Zugzwang: a chess position where any move is disadvantageous. Eduard Màrquez applies the term to his characters who, he observes, “are subjected to forces and s…