Edward Pasewicz

Photo © Marta Eloy Cichocka

Edward Pasewicz is a Polish poet and composer born in 1971. A Buddhist, he is the author of six books of poetry, including Verses for Róy Filipowicz (2004), th (2005), Songs of Henry Berryman (2006) (after John Berryman’s Dream Songs), Death in a Darkroom (2007), Fine! Fine! (2008), and Bertolt Brecht’s Palace (2011). Since 2010 he has lived in Kraków, where he is director of the performance space Scena 21.

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    Photo by Bill Barber/Flickr Essay on Caution Unmatched is freedom from ties,he says, giving me a dark blue plum.  I have frayed shoelaces and there is shameattached to these shoelaces, great shame. I…