Luis García Montero

Photo by Katie King

Luis García Montero (b. 1958, is an acclaimed Spanish poet, novelist, and essayist. He helped found the poetic movement called “Poetry of Experience,” in which everyday activities illuminate the hopes and fears that mark the post-Franco era. “Room 219” appears in Habitaciones separadas (Separate rooms), which won Spain’s National Poetry Prize in 1995.

  • Luis García Montero
    Photo by Renate Dodell These are the closed doors of a hotel hallway. What once were dreams, what life will one day be. She dares to ask. Room 217 looks like a sunny Caribbean isle, like a shipwr…
  • July 1, 2015 Luis García Montero
    Granada, Spain. Photo by Allie Caulfield.  In this excerpt from Luis García Montero’s third and latest novel, Someone Speaks Your Name, Granada is gray, sad, a…