Miguel Barnet


Miguel Barnet (b. Cuba, 1940) is a novelist, poet, and ethnographer whose works have influenced the development of testimonio, or testimonial narrative. He visited the University of Oklahoma in 2002—along with Adelaida de Juan, Pablo Armando Fernández, Ambrosio Fornet, Nancy Morejón, and Elzbieta Sklodowska—to help celebrate the life and work of the 2002 Puterbaugh Fellow, Roberto Fernández Retamar (WLT, 76:3-4, Summer/Autumn 2002).

  • Miguel Barnet
    Apologia? Manifesto? Confessional? In this stream-of-consciousness narrative, a Havana drag queen tells her story. “Fátima, Queen of the Night,” published here for the first time, won Cuban writer…