Mohamad Nassereddine

Mohamad Nassereddine was born in 1977 in South Lebanon. He is the author of seven poetry collections, the most recent of which is Cages in Search of Birds (Dar al-Nahda al-Arabiyya, 2019). He holds a PhD in medical engineering and teaches at the Lebanese University. He is also a translator and cultural journalist who regularly publishes interviews, translations, and reviews in the cultural appendix of the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar.

  • Dried hydrangeas as seen through a paper plate strongly lit from above. A pair of human hands hold the plate at the shadowy edges
    Photo: Evie Shaffer / Unsplash An Offering O Leaves, O Flowers! We hold you in our hands as offerings. We stir in you the ruin of winter, the swell of summer. Say a little something,  when we t...

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