Tamara J. Madison


Tamara J. Madison is an MFA graduate of New England College with creative and critical work published in various anthologies, journals, and magazines including Poetry International, Tidal Basin Review, Web Del Sol Review of Books, and Tea Literary & Arts Magazine. She is a contributing editor to aaduna, an online journal of words and images, and an English and creative writing instructor at Valencia College. Her most recent poetry collection is Threed, This Road Not Damascus (Trio House Press). She is also the creator and host of BREAKDOWN: The Poet & The Poems, a poetry conversation series on YouTube.

  • November 2, 2021 Tamara J. Madison
    Photo by niko / Unsplash Series editor’s note: The tree in Tamara J. Madison’s poem is one that holds a blemished beauty, both life-giving and life-taking. The speaker addresses the tree rig…