Viktor Ivaniv

Photo by Christina Karmalita

Viktor Ivaniv was born in 1977 in Novosibirsk. He is the author of three books of prose, Gorod Vinograd (2003; Vinograd city), Vosstanie grez (2009; The uprising of daydreams), and Dnevnik nabliudenii (2011; Diary of observations) as well as a collection of poetry, Stekliannyi chelovek i zele-naia plastinka (2006; The glass man and the green record). His writing was short-listed for the Debut Prize (poetry category) in 2002 and the Andrei Belyi Prize (prose category) in 2009. Ivaniv currently lives and works in Novosibirsk as a librarian at the State Public Scientific Library.

  • Viktor Ivaniv
    The city as though laid out in my palmAnd I passed through all my old hauntsI took off easily in youthThoughts hung in a beat of easy doubt Like shades of Aladdin's would-be uncleRun in four direction…