Erika Mihálycsa

A lecturer in the Department of English at Babes-University, Cluj, Romania, Erika Mihálycsa has translated William H. Gass, Jeanette Winterson, Julian Barnes, George Orwell, and others into Hungarian and regularly contributes to several literary publications. Two of her translations into English were among WLT’s 2015 Pushcart nominations.

  • A lone figure stands in the polarized light of the subway at night as a train passes in front of him
       By Zsuzsa Takács
    After deciding to end it all, a woman takes a final subway ride. Z, the story writer, decided to end her diary. What is more, with an eye on approaching Christmas, she would adorn it with s...
  • a tram in Hungary creates a streak of blue lights at night
       By Gábor Schein
    Photo by Zsolt Andrasi/Flickr Glints of the tram. The nondescript housesdream numb underwater dreams. Faces aretransparent bubbles popping off from the windowswhere water used to break through. The p...
  • Photo: Funkyfood London - Paul Williams / Alamy
       By Zsuzsa Selyem
    Photo: Funkyfood London - Paul Williams / Alamy Along the shore of the Danube, a cat reflects on world history and human nature. From Oppenheimer to Donne to Stalin to Ana Pauker the mus...
  • Open book on a bed. Photo by Steve Petrucelli
       By Zsuzsa Takács
    Open book on a bed. Photo by Steve Petrucelli   9:40 a.m. / Venipuncture  The way they step on one another’s heelsuntil a spindle-legged woman with dyedhair trips in the queue, and all sticktheir nec...
  • Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria / Artothek / Bridgeman images
       By Zsuzsa Takács
    Gustav Klimt, Allée in the Gardens of Schloss Kammer, 1912, oil on canvas. Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria / Artothek / Bridgeman images Ride the tram through...
  • Kaitlin. Image: © Masha watercolor
       By Zsófia Bán
    Image: © Masha watercolor In this story, Hungarian author Zsófia Bán writes into a little-known episode from Hungary’s tangled and traumatic pre–and post–World War II history, centered a...
  • Ping-Pong Table. Photo by Raul Lieberwirth
       By Zsolt Láng
    Photo by Raul Lieberwirth The great games will be remembered for a lifetime, just as we cannot give up on our failures, either. The muscles record the beautiful strokes; the pos...
  • Portrait of Wally Neuzil
       By Zsuzsa Takács
    Egon Schiele, Portrait of Wally Neuzil, 1912, oil on wood (32 x 39.8 cm). © 2015 Leopold Museum, Wien, Austria. On Vision Wally...
  • Voyager
       By Zsolt Láng
    The Voyager Space Probe passing Jupiter. Image generated with Celestia; 3D model by ElChristou  Beginning with the Voyager space launch and moving through explorations...
  • Roasted Lover Thighs illustration by Marla Johnson
       By Zsolt Láng
    Illustration by Marla Johnson In this page from his cookbook, one of most original writers in the Hungarian language imagines an unexpected solution for the unfaithful husband. Rózs...
  • Green Memory Stewed in Sugar by Marla Johnson
    August 3, 2015 | Zsolt Láng
    Enjoy this recipe from the Zsolt Láng cookbook and look forward to two more in WLT’s September issue. Illustration by Marla Johnson Prod the freshly picked memory meticulously with...
  • Rendez-vous
       By Zsolt Láng
    Illustrations by Marla Johnson. Typography by Jen Rickard Blair. Yao Ming WineryRENDEZ-VOUS White cuvéeDry/0.75/€9.99 A gift from heaven after all those swills not worth calling by the name w...

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