Chris Arthur

Chris Arthur’s most recent essay collection is Hidden Cargoes (2022). He lives in St Andrews, Scotland. Details of his books can be found at

  • The three covers to the books discussed in the article below. Text reads: World Literature Today. What to Read Now: Recent Essay Collections, by Chris Arthur
    Chris Arthur
    What I like about essays is their sheer unpredictability and exuberance, their limitless range of subject matter, the way in which, within short compass, they give access to all kinds of perspectives....
  • Small raised bed gardens dot the lawn of an empty schoolyard
    Chris Arthur
    Photo: Stuart Lime Digital In a series of vignettes, essayist Chris Arthur considers why “respecting what gives life is not a lesson to be learned indoors.” In E. M. Forster’s A R...
  • The cover to Reading Life by Chris Arthur
    Chris Arthur
    Mobile, Alabama. Negative Capability Press. 2017. 202 pages. Chris Arthur knows what an essay is: an attempt to reach a further, transcendent understanding through writing. Chris Arthur’s 2017 collect...
  • March 18, 2015 | Chris Arthur
    Since Horace’s original, many poets have written their version of an Ars Poetica. The best known is Archibald MacLeish’s. Can MacLeish’s poem cast light on the art of a different literary genre,...

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