Duane Niatum


Duane Niatum (Jamestown S’Klallam) writes poems, stories, and essays and studies European and American Indian art, literature, and culture. He has been widely published in the United States and abroad (see “Moments Hard to Piece Together,” WLT, Autumn 2019). His ninth book of poems is Earth Vowels. The Northwest landscape and legends of his ancestors help shape his writings.

  • May 12, 2020 Duane Niatum
    Reading at the Edge of the Forest, by Marti Spencer / Courtesy of the artist The following talk was first presented at the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association in Seattle, Washington…
  • Duane Niatum
    Photos: “Skedee” and “Cherokee National Holiday — Tahlequah,” from In The Territories, by Shane Brown  American Indians should stop weeping over      the cruelty of the trail of tears and the long…