Ella Parsons

Ella Parsons is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She will continue her studies at the University of California, Berkeley. She aspires to pursue epidemiology research while continuing to document her adventures in global health and remaining a poet on the side.

  • A spoon, partially submerged in a grain, rests on the edge of a wooden bowl, which itself is on a table with fruits and nuts
    Ella Parsons
    Photo: Ella Parsons Nestled in a tiny courtyard shared by the Berkeley Press Bookstore and the adjacent classical music store, Cafe Ohlone is a thriving cultural center for the Ohlone tribe. I...
  • Two buildings, painted brightly red, intersect like angular puzzle pieces with a small green courtyard between them
    Ella Parsons
    The arts center is serene compared to the streets outside. Photo: Jaipur Beat Digital Magazine JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA (JKK), जवाहर कला केन्द्र, Jaipur’s art center, could be considere...

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