Feliciano Sánchez Chan

Feliciano Sánchez Chan (b. 1960, Xaya, Yucatán) has twice won the Itzamná Prize for literature written in the Mayan language as well as the Domingo Dzul Poot Prize for narrative in Mayan. His book, Seven Dreams, was published in a bilingual edition of Mayan/Spanish by New Native Press (translated by Jonathan Harrington). He works with the Department of Popular Culture in the state of Yucatán. 

  • A woman walking over rocks with bare feet.
    Photo by Jordan Whitt/Unsplash U k’a’ajsaj a tuukul Kin k’áatiktuntimbáe’Bix a máan a ta’ak a wichtu bo’oy táanxel t’aanilKa’ a wa’al ma’atan a na’atik u t’aan Yum Iik’.  A yuume’tu yu’ubaj a tsikba...
  • Seven Dreams
    Jonathan Harrington, tr. Cullowhee, North Carolina. New Native Press. 2014. ISBN 9781883197317    Like his Isthmus Zapotec contemporaries Victor Terán and Irma Pineda, Yucatec Maya poet Feliciano Sánc...
  • Translator’s note: Feliciano Sánchez Chan is among a growing group of poets (including Briceida Cuevas Cob and Isaac Carrillo Can) writing modern verse in the ancient language of Mayan. The M...

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