Fernando Valverde

Photo by Christina Anton

Fernando Valverde (b. 1980, Granada) has been voted the most relevant Spanish-language poet born since 1970 by nearly two hundred critics and researchers from more than one hundred international universities. For his collaboration in a work of fusion between poetry and flamenco, he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2014. He teaches poetry at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

  • Fernando Valverde
    Because all the fathers and mothers of my parents, all the time past,                are earth. But also language, words like Spanish, gypsy, black, or immigrant…
  • Fernando Valverde
    Gainesville. University Press of Florida. 2019. 133 pages.  Fernando Valverde, born in 1980 in Granada, is at the forefront of the “Poetry of Uncertainty,” which emerged in the early 2000s in Spain. T…