Kevin Hart


Australian poet Kevin Hart’s latest verse collection is Barefoot (2017). Other recent collections include Wild Track: New and Selected Poems (2015) and Morning Knowledge (2011). Recent scholarly books include Poetry and Revelation (2017) and Kingdoms of God (2014). He teaches at the University of Virginia.

  • Kevin Hart
    Notre Dame, Indiana. University of Notre Dame Press. 2018. 92 pages. In Kevin Hart’s eighth book of poetry, he uses poetry to talk to the absent or, rather, the ambiguously present: his late father, G…
  • Kevin Hart
    Sam Roxas-Chua 姚, Pilgrim, 27 x 51 in., sumi-e and squid ink. Still of our world, dear father, in your graveOr at my winter window, looking hardInto a life you never kne…