Maxim Amelin


Maxim Amelin is the 2017 recipient of Russia’s Poet Prize, the youngest writer so honored. His works include Cold Odes (1996), Dubia (1999), The Horse of the Gorgon (2003), and Bent Speech (2011), his collected poetry and prose. He lives in Moscow.

  • Maxim Amelin
    Buffalo, New York. White Pine Press. 2018. 180 pages. There is visceral excitement upon welcoming a new poet into one’s personal canon—it’s like collecting a little bit of immortal light—and Russian p…
  • Maxim Amelin
    Satiro della Valle, Capitoline Museums, Rome Эти бездонные ночи в июле Эти бездонные ночи в июле,            О!Ты вопрошаешь: — Меня обманули?            — Да, — отвечаю, — но как! Лучше не спрашива…