Nicholas Samaras

Nicholas Samaras is the author of Hands of the Saddlemaker and American Psalm, World Psalm. He is currently completing a manuscript of poetry focusing on experiences of exiles and refugees, “Citizens of Transience.” His most recent poem for WLT is “Exile Dossier” (January 2019).

  • A stone structure overlooks the Aegean Sea off the coast of Patmos
    PHOTO: Andrea Moroni, Patmos / Flickr Only travel can teach us anything. Only travel can move us out of our staid lives into a fresh perspective, to see before us what has not been before us. It is...
  • Two flowers in a vase sitting between two walls embedded with lights meant represent deportees sent from France to Nazi concentration camps.
    The 200,000 lights in the Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation in Paris represent the number of deportees sent from France to Nazi concentration camps. Photo by Zak / Flickr   Martyrs of the Deport...
  • Inventing Peace I make this room  a country of peace. Within these walls, I am the harmony of an individual with no nationalism, claims or agenda, no chorus of discord,  no borders but redwood wai...

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