Stéphane Bouquet

Stéphane Bouquet is the author of several collections of poems and a book of essays on poems, La Cité de paroles (2018). Bouquet is a recipient of a 2003 Prix de Rome and a 2007 Mission Stendhal Award.

  • A photograph taken from directly behind a white vehicle as it travels on a wilderness landscape
    Stéphane Bouquet
    Photo: Rachel Lees / Unsplash A couple in their kitchen. Either the man or the woman speaks first. We should make sure they’ve inspected the car. I guess they probably only r...
  • A fig tree as dusk, dramatically lit in purple from below
    September 25, 2019 | Stéphane Bouquet
    Photo: AndyM / Flickr I imagine the crocuses also sometimes come down unexpectedly                 feverish, spreading their long green leaves through the wrong season. So it’s             ...

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