Wang Anyi

The fifth laureate of the Newman Prize for Chinese Literature, Wang Anyi moved to Shanghai with her family when she was one year old. Like her mother, writer Ru Zhijuan (1925–98), Wang pursued a literary career and became very successful in the early 1980s. Wang is prolific and innovative: she writes consistently about the history intimately intertwined with her personal memories, and she writes profusely about Shanghai. Several of her representative works, including Lapse of Time, Brocade Valley, Love on a Barren Mountain, Love in a Small Town, and Song of Everlasting Sorrow, are available in English translations.

  • The cover to A Knife, a Thousand Words by Wang Anyi
    Wang Anyi
    Taipei. Rye Field. 2020. 315 pages. WANG ANYI IS one of China’s major contemporary novelists. Her novels span a wide range of themes, with the most notable being depicting the ordinar...
  • The cover to Fu Ping by Wang Anyi
    Wang Anyi
    New York. Columbia University Press. 2019. 282 pages. Wang Anyi has already been recognized as one of the most influential contemporary Chinese authors and has recently received increased scholarly at...
  • Street in Shanghai. Photo: Maria Teresa Bologna
    Wang Anyi
    Photo: Maria Teresa Bologna  Wang Anyi traces Shanghai in map and memory as she revisits its lanes, a mental flâneur.  For almost the entire decade of the 1990s, I...

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