Yu Jian


One of China’s leading avant-garde poets, Yu Jian (b. 1954) began writing poetry in the 1970s. A versatile and prolific writer, he has published over forty books of poetry, prose, essays, and photography. His controversial 1994 poem, “File Zero,” is considered one of the most innovative and radical works in the history of contemporary Chinese poetry. He lives in Kunming, China.

  • June 3, 2021 Yu Jian
    “A Fisherman at Lake Dian.” Photo by Yu Jian. Reading Glasses I am no longer young, a half-blind Homer, wearing reading glasses to see the world. The calendar shows that it is autu…
  • Yu Jian
    Wang Ping & Ron Padgett, tr. Brookline, Massachusetts. Zephyr. 2010. xvi + 151 pages. $15. ISBN 978-0-9815521-3-2 Flash Cards is the first book-length collection of Yu Jian's poetry in E…