Anna Bentley


Anna Bentley has translated a range of Hungarian writing, including Ervin Lázár’s children’s classic Arnica, the Duck Princess; Anna Menyhért’s Women’s Literary Tradition and Twentieth-Century Hungarian Writers; an inclusive collection of rewritten fairy tales edited by Boldizsár M Nagy, A Fairytale for Everyone; and István Orosz’s short-story collection The Extra Horn. Anna’s poetry translations have appeared in Hungarian Literature Online, Continental Magazine, and Panodyssey. She is currently working on Zoltán Halasi’s Road to the Empty Sky.

  • September 27, 2023 András Visky
    By admirdervisevi - stock.adobe.comAndrás Visky is a Hungarian author living in Romania with a body of work that spans most literary genres, from poetry to drama and fiction to criticism. His firs…