Cynthia Graae


Cynthia Graae’s fiction, nonfiction, and translations have been published in the Westview News, Kinder Link, Washington Review, Paragraph, The Bridge, Canadian Women Studies: les cahiers de la femme, Hill Rag, Humans in the Wild (a Swallow Press anthology about gun violence), and online on the HuffPost, Barren Magazine, and Maine Public media websites. She is currently working on a collection of stories. She lives in New York City and Hiram, Maine.

  • September 1, 2021 Tove Ditlevsen
    Photo by Megan (Markham) Bucknall / Unsplash It is easy to be a mother. Childbirth was nothing. Marriage and divorce only crack the plaster a little like when the S-train goes by. It is easy to…