Kayvan Tahmasebian


Kayvan Tahmasebian is a writer and researcher in comparative literary theory and criticism. He is the author of Isfahan’s Mold (2016). His research interests range across textual materialism, constellations of world literature, and poetics of contingency. He also translates poetry from English and French into Persian, and from Persian into English. Read more about his work at Academia.edu.

  • September 8, 2021 Hasan Alizadeh
    Photo by valkrye131 / Flickr I kiss her & death is the shadow of that loving bird shaking on the pool yet when she turns to look it has flown. * She’s gone, sleepwalking with her kisses…
  • Bijan Elahi
    Brooklyn. The Operating System. 2019. 106 pages. BIZHAN ELAHI (1945–2010) was not a prominent voice in Iranian poetry during his own lifetime. His relative obscurity might explain why…