Rike Scheffler

Rike Scheffler is a poet, musician, and artist based in Berlin, creating work at the intersection of language, music, and performance, spaces across media and art forms that one can inhabit. Rike’s poetry collection der rest ist resonanz (kookbooks, 2014) won the Orphil Debut Prize for political and Avantgarde writing.

  • Light from a sunset reflected in water
       By Mihret Kebede
    Photo: Pixabay / Kaz   የጸጥታ ወግ  በጸጥታ መኃል…. አርምሞ ለሰማ ጸጥታ ወግ አለው…. ሚኒሊክ እንዳለውአሁን እኔና አንተ… አሁን አንተና እኔ ካወራው ሁላ የትኛው ተወዶ… የትኛው ተጠላ ?፤ይሄ...

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