Andrés Ehrenhaus

Andrés Ehrenhaus (Buenos Aires, 1955) has lived in Barcelona since 1976, where he is a literary and technical translator of texts ranging from medicine and engineering to novels and poetry by such authors as Aldiss, Barthelme, Dantec, Al Gore, Kerouac, Lennon, Lewis Carroll, Poe, and the complete poetry of Shakespeare. He has also published four books of short stories, Subir arriba (1993), Monogatari (1997), La seriedad (2000), and Un obús cayendo despedaza (2014), and a novel, Tratar a Fang Lo (2006). He is also a Graduate Professor of Literary Translation at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, and is one of the authors of the draft Law of Protection of Translation and Translators presently tabled for discussion in Argentina.