Natalia Toledo

Natalia Toledo has written four books of poetry and two of prose, all bilingual (Zapotec/Spanish). She has read her poetry in Latin America and the United States as well as Europe and Asia. Her work as a jewelry and clothing designer and chef reiterates the lively imagery of her poetry.

  • Natalia Toledo
    Bidaani’ Ruyadxie’ lii sica ruyadxi guragu’ guibá’,ribaque chaahue’ lii ndaani’ guiña candanaxhi guiriziñaguidilade’ ruxhele guirá guie’ bizeecabe lu xpidaane’ guirá nguiiu ne biulú z...
  • Irma Pineda, Natalia Toledo, Victor Terán
    Irma Pineda "You Will Not See Me Die"   Natalia Toledo "The Weaver"   "For T.S. Eliot"   Victor Terán "I Know Your Body"

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