Natalia Toledo

Photo by Iván Rubín

Natalia Toledo was born in a neighborhood of fishermen in Juchitán, Oaxaca, Mexico. Her bilingual poetry anthology Guie’ yaase’ / Olivo negro won the National Indigenous Language Prize in 2004. Her poems and stories have been translated to languages as varied as French, Punjab, and Euskera. 

  • Natalia Toledo
    Author’s note: I wrote this story because I yearn for the days that the wind has swept away. In the neighborhood of fishermen where I was born, we kids didn’t have a bathroom. Only adults had…
  • Natalia Toledo
    Bidaani’ Ruyadxie’ lii sica ruyadxi guragu’ guibá’,ribaque chaahue’ lii ndaani’ guiña candanaxhi guiriziñaguidilade’ ruxhele guirá guie’ bizeecabe lu xpidaane’ guirá nguiiu ne biulú z…
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