Tahel Frosh

Photo by Alon Porat

Tahel Frosh (b. 1977) has degrees in law and psychology and is currently working on a doctorate in literature. Her debut poetry collection, Betsa (Avarice. Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik, 2014), from which these poems have been chosen, was published in 2014 to wide acclaim. She also co-edited the anthology Avodat gilui (Unveiling work) and is a member of the art and social justice collective Cultural Guerrilla.

  • Tahel Frosh. Photo by Alon Porat
    Tahel Frosh
    Tahel Frosh. Photo by Alon Porat הרי ספרד אֲנִי כּוֹתֶבֶת אֶת מַה שֶּׁלֹּא יִתָּכֵן כִּי יֵשׁ מִי שֶׁמְּדַבְּרִים עַל כֶּסֶף בְּאִינְטִימִיוּת מִי שֶׁמַּעֲבִירִים בִּזְרָמִים חוּשָׁנִיִּים כֶּסֶף שֶׁ...

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