Nina Kossman


Nina Kossman is a Moscow-born artist, bilingual poet, translator of Russian poetry, sculptor, and playwright. Among her published works are three books of poems in Russian and in English, two collections of short stories, an anthology she edited for Oxford University Press, two volumes of translations of Marina Tsvetaeva’s poems, a novel, and several plays. Her Russian poems and short stories have been published in major Russian literary magazines in and outside of Russia. A recipient of many awards, she lives in New York. She edits East-West Literary Forum, a bilingual journal (in English and Russian).

  • August 10, 2021 Vladimir Pryakhin
    Photo by Alexander Sinn / Unsplash The hour of hooded crows when cleaners fly for the night all carrion is eaten all bones picked and all skins farewell you unlucky trail explorers! only a wet s…