Claire Messud

Photo by Derek Shapton

Claire Messud is the author of three novels and a book of novellas. Her last novel, The Emperor’s Children, was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize and was selected by the New York Times as one of their ten best books of 2006. She spent the academic year 2010–11 as a fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. Her new novel, The Woman Upstairs, will be published in 2013.

  • Claire Messud
    New York. Knopf. 2013. ISBN 9780307596901 Claire Messud is a confident and stylish writer, as she has proven in previous novels such as The Emperor’s Children. Those adjectives set her apart…
  • Claire Messud
    Having just spent a year in Berlin, novelist Claire Messud reports on her observations in and around the city. “In Berlin,” she writes, “a sense of becoming trumps a sense of bel…