Linda Stack-Nelson

Linda Stack-Nelson is a WLT intern studying English literature and international studies at the University of Oklahoma. After graduating, she plans to work in publishing and looks forward to increasing her book-buying budget. 

  • A shot from below of a bass player and singer performing in dramatic costumes
    Norwegian musicians Bernt Jansen and Nils Kvaale Rue perform bass and vocals in Jørn Lande and Trond Holter’s Dracula—Swing of Death. Photo: Boris Danielsen ROCK OPERA is a...
  • An imaginative holiday window display with faux-reindeer at The Wild Rumpus bookstore
    photo: linda stack-nelson I did not have an “outdoorsy” childhood. Homeschooled and incredibly bookish, I experienced trees through paper and water through ink. Because of this, I couldn’t help but f...
  •   Since returning from my time studying abroad, my answer to the question, “So where did you go again?” almost always draws a knit brow. Despite the fact that the initial reaction to its name is the...

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