Taylor Hickney

A WLT intern, Taylor Hickney has a degree in English writing from the University of Oklahoma and will begin pursuing an MFA in fiction at the New School in August. Commas are important, and she hates surprises. A big thanks to Amy Poehler for getting her this far in life. 

  • A painting of partridges walking across a snowy landscape
    Author Rabih Alameddine regularly shares batches of fine art on his Twitter feed. Partridges in the Snow, by Józef Marian Chełmoński, was among his recent shares. It’s no secret that Twitter...
  • A photograph of a row of bikes parked by a canal that runs parallel to a picturesque city street in Amsterdam
    Photo: Kirk Fisher/Pixabay Amsterdam is much more than first meets the eye. From afar, Amsterdam seems to consist of only the scandalous Red Light District and the somber Anne Frank House. But up clo...

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