Creative Nonfiction

  • Playing cards with a stylized blue background are scattered on a flat surface
    Photo:  José Pablo Iglesias / Unsplash A girl learns her first lessons about cheating and death at her grandparents’ house, playing cards and Scrabble and listening to them read from the obituar...
  • A dense urban scene with brightly colored signs lighting the night
       By Anastasia Edel
    Photo: Luiz Guimaraes / Unsplash Follow a writer-flâneuse on a New York City odyssey, appreciating life’s smaller miracles in a city with many entry points. West 32nd / Broadway. The hotel...
  • A photograph shot from inside a dark house, looking out a nearby window where greenery rolls out like a lush carpet beneath clouded skies
    PHOTO: Larah Vidotto In this piece of flash memoir, a writer reflects on stereotypes, how Ireland has changed, and an aunt stuck in time. Dear foreigner, tell me again how it is stereotype...
  • Two Polaroid style photos, clearly aged by the faded quality of the covers. On the left two young children pose. On the right, a woman looks directly at the camera with a forest in the background.
       By Kevin Chang
      Left: Kevin Chang and his brother Eliot at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago (2001). Right: The author's mother at Xitou National Park in Taiwan (1989). Courtesy of the aut...
  • A drawing of books laid out like a portion of the periodic table, each book exhibiting aspects of the element it represents
       By Alberto Chimal
    Iron, Uranium, Calcium, Gold, Praseodymium, Rubidium, Stontium, and Lead books. Illustration by Shayna Pond {CR} Chromium books that are all shiny surface....
  • Man writing a note
       By Fabio Morábito
    Photo: Pixabay These two short meditations by Mexican writer Fabio Morábito both circle back to the same place: language’s confounding determination to elude our dominion....
  • Photos (left to right): Chris Davies, Aliza Bacani, Laura Gilmore
       By Samina Najmi
    Photos (left to right): Chris Davies, Eliza Bacani, Laura Gilmore These brief pieces form a meditation on our threshold for violences, great and small. They probe the ironic relationship...
  • Street in Shanghai. Photo: Maria Teresa Bologna
       By Wang Anyi
    Photo: Maria Teresa Bologna  Wang Anyi traces Shanghai in map and memory as she revisits its lanes, a mental flâneur.  For almost the entire decade of the 1990s, I...

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