• Man writing a note
       By Fabio Morábito
    Photo: Pixabay These two short meditations by Mexican writer Fabio Morábito both circle back to the same place: language’s confounding determination to elude our dominion....
  • Photos (left to right): Chris Davies, Aliza Bacani, Laura Gilmore
       By Samina Najmi
    Photos (left to right): Chris Davies, Eliza Bacani, Laura Gilmore These brief pieces form a meditation on our threshold for violences, great and small. They probe the ironic relationship...
  • Street in Shanghai. Photo: Maria Teresa Bologna
       By Wang Anyi
    Photo: Maria Teresa Bologna  Wang Anyi traces Shanghai in map and memory as she revisits its lanes, a mental flâneur.  For almost the entire decade of the 1990s, I...

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