Adam J. Goldwyn

Adam J. Goldwyn is an associate professor of English at North Dakota State University and author of Byzantine Ecocriticism: Women, Nature, and Power in the Medieval Greek Romance (2018). Read his interview with Zisis Ainalis from the Summer 2020 issue.

  • A sandy beach, capping with small dunes, as water infills the spaces between
       By Eleni Kefala
    Eleni Kefala
    East Sands at low tide. Photos provided by Eleni Kefala. worldlittoday · Eleni Kefala - “The Coastal Path” (Greek) for Colin McEwan I heard the news a few days ago we hadn’t spoken...
  •    By Eleni Kefala
    Eleni Kefala
      Photo by Eleni Kefala for G. D.   It was much easier to tell why it was called the golden grotto than to get into it. . . . It appears to have been used as a cemetery, for rows of tombs have be...
  • Wildflowers
       By Iossif Ventura
    Iossif Ventura
    Photo: Public Domain/Pixabay Untitled The wildflowers don’t bloom on command nor can their seeds be sown rebellious winds whirl at dawn winnowing seeds toward the ossuaries of the fields...

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