Maayan Eitan

Maayan Eitan is a writer and translator based in Tel Aviv. Her first novel, Love, was published in Israel in 2020. Her work is regularly published in Israeli and American literary magazines.

  • A black and white photograph close up on a crocodile’s eye
       By Shira Stav
    Shira Stav
    Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw / Unsplash [Untitled] We lived on the edge of a poisonous swamp black alligators bathed in it every morning the exhaust tubes clamored  and at n...
  • A photograph of a cat digitally altered to look surreal
       By Maayan Eitan
    Maayan Eitan
    Painted Cats by sjrankin is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Hoping battles knowing in this three-act seduction (spoiler alert: there’s a cat in the story). 1. Try to seduce someo...
  • A surrealist illustration of an angelic figure
       By Amichai Chasson
    Amichai Chasson
    Paul Klee, Angelus Novus, 1920, oil transfer and watercolor on paper, 31.8 x 24.2 cm, Israel Museum, Jerusalem Angelus Novus On Friday nights, when the family’s asle...
  • A black and white photograph of a woman in a t-shirt. It has been rotated such that it appears as if she is floating, weightless
    April 4, 2019 | Tehila Hakimi
    Sodanie Chea, “Day 96: Free Falling – Explored” / Flickr Israeli writer Tehila Hakimi’s Company (2018) is an experimental, fragmentary text—addressed to a nameless “woman in a wor...

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