Victoria Cribb

  • The cover to CoDex 1962 by Sjón
       By Sjón
    London. Sceptre Books. 2018. 517 pages. Icelandic author Sjón’s masterful tome CoDex 1962 is now available in English translation—and this is cause to celebrate. The work is in three parts, i...
  • Victoria Cribb, tr. New York. Seven Stories. 2012. ISBN 978-1609804268 Ovar LoveStar is the seventy-one-year-old chairman of a vast corporate entity whose tendrils infiltrate every aspect of life. In...
  •    By Sjón
    Victoria Cribb, tr. London. Telegram. 2012. ISBN 9781846591242 Valdimar Haraldsson, in The Whispering Muse, finds that fish are both sustenance and inspiration. His preoccupation with fish co...

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