The Aesthetic of Nature in Poetry: 6 Poems for Spring

April 16, 2015
Field with flowers
Photo by Silvestri Matteo/Unsplash

April means three things: national poetry month, radiant nature, and beautiful poems inspired by it. If you know and love acclaimed naturalist writer Mary Oliver, check out these international poets who also reflect the power of nature through their words.

1. “The Stream” by Michael Cope

Cope’s powerful language reflects on the cyclical nature of life by playing with poignant imagery and fluidity.


2. “On Hammock Hill” by Mark Tredinnick

This uniquely structured poem mimics the narrator’s own path to discover the relationship between self and environment.


3. “Lands and oceans” by Julia Fiedorczuk

Translated by Bill Johnston

Fiedorczuk’s poem weaves together nature, humanity, and language to reveal a necessary harmony amid chaos.


4. “Emerald Dunes” by Ketty Nivyabandi

Translated by David Shook

This piece captures the physicality and labor of humankind and nature, which work together continuously to give life.


5. “Dusk” by Jeanne Bryner

Bryner’s poem provides the essence of dependence that land and man have for one another through touching glimpses into the lives of farmers.


6. “The Geese”  by Askold Bazhanov

Translated by Naomi Caffee

This poem emphasizes transition and migration on a primitive level to all creatures.

Skyler Stanley is a WLT intern with a fascination for coffee, pugs, and superheroes. She hopes to continue on in the publishing field after graduation.