Travels in Literature

  • A photograph of a mural depicting a cartoonish drawing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez playing an accordion
       By Peter LaSalle
    July 22, 2021 | Peter LaSalle
    Mural in Cartagena / Photo by Kirk Siang / Flickr In Colombia, the popularity of Gabriel García Márquez rivals that of the country’s most famous soccer players. Could one...
  • A snowy hillside landscape with the city of PyongCheong at its base.
    February 14, 2018 | Erin Donnelly
    photo: republic of korea / flickr “Gleam of ice, and glint of steel, / Jolly, snappy weather; / Glide on ice and joy of zeal, / All, alone, together.” E. E. Cummings, “Skating” The 2...
  • The front of a book kiosk in Japan
    January 24, 2018 | Jieun Song
    Browsing the antiquarian book fair / Photo by peter-rabbit / Flickr I loved the quiet places in Kyoto, the places that held the world within a windless moment. Inside the temples, Nature held her...
  • Berlin
    October 10, 2016 | Jacob Coleman
    “The best thing about Berlin was that I got to be surrounded by people who pursue their ideas for themselves.” – Agnes Obel Berlin is a city that has been divided, unified, and everything in between....
  • Khachapuri. Photo by Robyn Lee/Flickr
    May 27, 2014 | Sarah Smith
    Khachapuri. Photo by Robyn Lee Though the Republic of Georgia has a strong literary past, especially in the medieval era, the Soviet shadow and the country’s singularly difficul...
  • Johannesburg
    October 2, 2013 | Janny Gandhi
    Photo by Antonio Olmedo/Flickr “Johannesburg is referred to as the ‘great city’; this is judged by South African standards. Its population is about 700,000, but it is a fine modern city, to be compar...
  • May 28, 2013 | Molly Evans
    “Think of Argentina and it quickly becomes apparent why the country holds travelers in awe. Tango, gauchos, fútbol, Patagonia, the Andes—the classics alone make a formidable wanderlust cocktail.” – Sa...
  • Sao Paulo photo by Mau Alcântara
    March 28, 2013 | Yetunde Adebayo
    “In the city of São Paulo, I propose, identities did not just repeat and move, they simultaneously sprinted and ponderously ran the marathon.”–Discontented Diaspora...
  • March 13, 2013 | Kirsten Viohl
    “Below them is a French city, primarily, and English, too, home to countless nationalities, mingling on the one hand, blending languages on the streets, but also carefully guarding their separateness,...
  • February 27, 2013 | Yetunde Adebayo
    “Istanbul’s fate is my fate: I am attached to this city because it has made me who I am.” Istanbul: Memories and the City by Orhan Pamuk, tr. Maureen Freely   After two Nordic stops, today we...
  • Helsinki in winter
    January 30, 2013 | WLT
    Helsinki in winter. Photo Anthony Tison/Flickr If you’re like most of us, you’re interested in visiting cities all over the world but unable to do so, or at least do so as much as you’d like. In our...

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