Women in translation, celebrity imprints, and a library hotel

May 24, 2013

This week, the representation of women in translated literature was a hot-button issue. Read about it below!

News, Reviews, and Interviews

A new study reveals that women represent only a quarter of authors in translation

As a spin-off to the Words Without Borders article above, M. Lynx Qualey wonders about the representation of women in Arabic translation.

It turns out that reading increases a person’s empathy, academic development, and civic engagement. But you already knew that, of course.

The New York Times wonders if the U.S. might have too many poet laureates under its belt.

Gerbrand Bakker is this year’s winner of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize!

Microsoft is rumored to be in talks with Barnes and Noble about buying out the Nook e-reader platform. 

Lydia Davis has been named as this year’s winner of the Man Booker International Prize

Are celebrity-led imprints good for the publishing industry? 

For Your Calendar

A four-month celebration of Federico García Lorca is taking place right now in NYC and will last until July 21.

Tickets for this year’s Poetry International Festival on June 11 are on sale!

Fun Finds and Inspiration

This politically charged rickshaw art makes the vehicles like moving canvases.

Literary lawsuits are not all that uncommon. Just check out this list.

In addition to his kick-butt on-screen appearances, Bruce Lee apparently also had a poetic side.

Staying at this library hotel means that you can read your way through your next vacation!

Spineless Classics is a unique take on literary art, taking whole texts of classic books and turning them into decorative posters.

Gimbal is a new free iPhone app from our friends at Literature Across Frontiers that allows you to choose a city anywhere in the world and then read fiction originating from there. It’s pretty awesome!