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March 27, 2020

Text reads "Your window to the world. Coupon Code: Global Voices. Save 20% on an annual print or digital subscription.World Literature Today has been working for more than 90 years to keep the lines of communication open among nations, even when all other channels were closed. In times of social distress, like the one we’re in now, those lifelines become all the more urgent. We do what we do because we know that keeping the world connected is vital.

In light of the social and environmental conditions that are confining more and more people in their homes across the globe, we want to make WLT as accessible as possible to everyone. To this end, we’ve come up with two solutions:

1. Try out the WLT digital edition for one month for free and, if you like the experience, stay on as a digital subscriber for only $2/month. Go to to start your trial subscription today.

2. 20% off of our regular (already discounted) annual subscription (print or digital) rate. Just go to and use the coupon code: GlobalVoices.

Even if you already subscribe to the print or digital edition, this is the ideal time to make a gift subscription to someone who could benefit from a little horizon-expansion in this time of contraction.

Your investment in WLT’s mission will help elevate the voices of the marginalized and put money into the hands of writers and translators who are working on the front lines of the world’s conflict and contact zones. You will be adding your strength to others who believe that we are safer and stronger when we acknowledge the common humanity that binds us as a global community.

The Editors of WLT